Winter surcharge

as from 01.12.2017 we have to implement winter surcharge

Winter surcharge
as from 01.12.2016 till 30.04.2017 we have to implement winter surcharge

On 1 July 2016, new requirements to verify the gross mass of a packed container enter into force
30.10.2013 - Kiel Canal

Dear Customers,

Kiel Canal remains closed as from monday early morning 28.10.2013

today divers have inspected the collided vessel and found out that water leaking in the hole of 5 x 8 mtrs and it is necessary to discharge cargo of fertilizers soonest to remain vesel afloat

In addition wires will be fixed onboard and connected with bulldozers ashore in order to maintain vessels position.

At this stage authorities cannot advise accuratly when trasit traffic will re-start.

We apologise our customers for possible delays arising due to the above Kiel canal closure.

Yours faithfully Sea Connect